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Pimps Smoked Out by Anti-Smoking Poster

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(Sabah Newspaper, 26 December 2013)

Smoke-free but hell nonetheless.

The Health Ministry's anti-smoking poster has caused
the break up of a criminal gang in Igdir that was forcing
young women into prostitution. Allegedly, V.E. and C.I.,
who run a nightclub in Melekli town, threatened two
women they brought to Turkey by illegal means, Z.T.
and G.R., with death in order to make them prostitutes.

The two women were held in a secret room of the nightclub.
But the day before yesterday, G.R. noticed the anti-smoking
poster in the club that read "Don't smoke in enclosed areas.
Report offenders to 156". So G.R. called the 156 hotline
prompting the Gendarmerie to conduct an operation at the

The two women were rescued and the gang members taken
into custody. V.E. and C.I. denied the charged but they were
incarcerated anyway by the court.  In her statement, G.R.
said that "they didn't let us go anywhere. We had to prostitute
ourselves and they shared the money we earned with themselves.
Just about every day they beat us." After processing, the two
women will be expelled from Turkey.

Igdir, way out east.


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