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More Proof: Don't Envy Lotto Winners

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 December 2013)

Lotto drama's  Yusuf and Gulsen

Yusuf Akoglu lives in Haracci town in Istanbul's
Arnavutkoy area.  Last year, Akoglu won 6 million TL
in the New Year's lotto drawing and then married
Gulsen Akoglu, who worked at his son's office.

The couple signed a "pre-nuptial agreement" but soon
found that they couldn't get along.  Akoglu then filed a
divorce suit against Gulsen, who is 30 years his junior,
but she counter-sued, demanding 125,000 TL each for
real and emotional damages and 2,000 TL in monthly
alimony. Gulsen alleged that "he comes to my door each
day and threatens to kill me!" and asked the court for a
restraining order against Akoglu.

In her divorce petition given at Gaziosmanpasa Family
Court, Gulsen stated that "I married Yusuf Akoglu last
year through the intercession of his son. We fell out with
each other because of his sons. I'm receiving death threats
from Akoglu and his four sons. Akoglu comes to my door
each day and spews curses, insults and threats."

As for Akoglu, he asserted that Gulsen had secretly sold
his house. He added that "I shared the 6 million TL with
my children and bought a house. I live on my retirement
pay. I wanted to have a contented life so I married Gulsen
last year but she never stayed by my side. She continually
went to her mother's house and she secretly sold the house
we lived in in Hadimkoy without my permission. She
married me for my money."

The court has written a letter to the land registry in the
matter and both Akoglu and Gulsen will face the judge.

Arnavutkoy is the big pink district on the left.

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