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Fast and Furious Driver, One Bad Dude

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 5 December 2013)

H.H.K's road-rage victim Yahya Cicek.

In Denizli, high school student Yahya Cicek (14) warned
driver H.H.K. (29) not to drive so fast. In response, H.H.K.
beat up Cicek, who went home and told his father Yakup Cicek (39)
about the incident. Yakup Cicik and his brother Metin Cicek (35)
then went to H.H.K.'s home to discuss the matter but the result was
a clash that took Yahya's life and left his father and uncle seriously

The incident occurred on Second Avenue in the Binevler neighborhood
on Tuesday evening around 6 PM.  Yahya Cicek, a student at 75th
Year Commercial High School, was chatting with his friends near a
park when H.H.K. went speeding by in his car. The boys signaled to H.H.K.
to slow down and  H.H.K. got out of his car to beat up Yahya Cicek.

After going home to tell his father Yakup about the incident, Yahya, his
father and uncle Metin Cicek went to H.H.K.'s home. Seeing the visitors
approaching his home, H.H.K. came outside with a hunting rifle and the
argument turned into an armed clash. Allegedly, Metin opened fire with
his revolver and H.H.K. answered with shot after shot from his rifle.

The buckshot hit Yahya in the midsection and his father attempted to take
him to the hospital in his car. H.H.K., however, continued firing at the
vehicle, seriously wounding both Yakup and Metin Cicek. Police are now
searching everywhere for H.H.K., who was involved in a murder in 2001
and served time in prison. After his release he was implicated in other
crimes and sentenced to eight more years in jail. H.H.K. was captured on
1 November and placed in Saraykoy Open Prison, from which he escaped
on 4 November.

Denizli province.

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