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Juxtaposed Justice

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//ed. note: As a major corruption scandal erupts in Turkey among the
power elite (who will likely never be prosecuted), this poor kid is
facing 7 years in jail for letting a few people get through the metro
turnstiles with his reduced-fare card.//

(Sabah Newspaper, 19 December 2013)

No good deed goes unpunished.

Sinan Y. (22)  works as a private security guard at the metro
station at the Esenler Bus Terminal in Istanbul. He is now in
court for letting four people through the metro turnstiles using
his reduced-fare card.  A case was opened against Sinan Y.
when the Istanbul Transportation Company filed  a complaint
against him.

According to the indictment prepared by the Istanbul Public
Prosecutor, it is alleged that Sinan Y., who works for Joy Security,
let some people who came from other provinces and who couldn't
figure out where to get tokens, get through the turnstiles with his
reduced-fare card.   Lawyers for Istanbul Transportation Company
asserted that Sinan Y.'s improper actions had inflicted 4 Lira 9 Kurus
(about 2 USD) worth of damages on the company.

In his statement to the prosecutor, Sinan Y. denied the charges, saying
that he was only trying to help these strangers. He noted that similar
assistance is often extended to riders on Istanbul's buses and he
remarked that "I got nothing at all out of this for myself."

Nevertheless, the prosecutor has prepared the indictment against
Sinan Y. for "abusing his position" and has called for a prison
sentence of from one to seven years.

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