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Carjacked by Police (Whoops!)

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(Sabah Newspaper, 19 December 2013)

Pull Over!

Murat Sener, who lives in Ankara, set out in his car with his
family toward Sorgun district of Yozgat province to attend his aunt's
funeral last March. About 15 miles from Sorgun, Sener was stopped
by police and his vehicle was confiscated because there were
outstanding warrants and impoundment orders against it.

The Sener family was left stranded on the road and could not attend
the funeral. They returned by bus to Ankara. Once back home,
Sener learned that there were 4 separate impoundment and seizure
orders concerning his car. He learned, as well, that the orders pertained
to an indebted person who happened to have the same name as Sener.

Sener had the orders lifted at the concerned offices in  Ankara and
Kirikkale and had his lawyer, Mehmet Azar, file a suit against the
Justice Ministry for 5,300 TL in compensation. In the petition, Azar
wrote about Sener: "My client and his family could not attend the
funeral of his beloved aunt because of the wrongful impoundment and
seizure orders issued. He will carry the pain of being unable to fulfill
his final duty to the women he loved almost as a mother for a lifetime.
My client must be compensated for the real and spiritual harm he has
suffered by this unjust action."  The suit is now being heard in Ankara's
22 Petty Crimes Court.

                                            Sorgun district in in central Yozgat province.

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