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With Friends Like This, Be Careful

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(Sabah Newspaper, 30 November 2013)

I'm in the money now!

In Muratpasa district of Antalya province, Engin Yurtseven,
who works at a parking lot, applied for 60,000 TL (30K USD)
in credit from a bank in order to buy a motorcycle and car he
found on the internet. Last Monday, Yurtseven and his friends
Murat Ozkan and Ozgur Sari went to the bank and got the money.

However, because the notary was closed that day Yurtseven
couldn't close the deal for the vehicles. So the three friends set
off in Sari's car to tour around. At this point Sari said "I'll never
see this much money again" and he asked his pals to take a picture
of him holding the money, which Murat Ozkan did.

The three friends stopped at a motorcycle accessories store and
as Yurtseven and Ozkan shopped, Sari stayed in the car. But when
the two returned from the store Sari, the car and the money were
all gone. Sari did not answer his phone but sent a message a bit
later explaining that he had gotten into an accident some distance

Yurtseven and Ozkan realized at this point that hey had been
duped by their friend, who had previously been involved in fraud
incidents. They filed a complaint with the police. Ozkan, noting
how angry he and Yurtseven were at Sari, stated that "he asked me
to take a picture of him holding the money. It's a good thing I did
because we were able to use this photograph when we filed our
complaint against him."

Muratpasa is between Antalya city and its airport.

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