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It's A Boy! ...Or is It?

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(Sabah Newspaper, 23 December 2013)
Dad wants a football star, not a cheerleader.

An incredible mix-up occurred at the Sanliurfa Womens
Diseases and Birth Hospital. Rabia Celik of Suruc district
felt labor pains the day before yesterday and her relatives
rushed her to the hospital. The young woman gave birth in
the morning hours and was told she had delivered a boy.
At the same exact time, and in the same room, Hediye
Kalkanmaz of Viransehir gave birth to a girl, or so she was

Birth certificates for both babies were prepared and both
woman, who had delivered naturally, were discharged
from the hospital that evening. The Celik family returned
to their home with all the excitement that having a first
child can bring. But they were in for a shock: as Rabia
changed her baby's diaper she discovered that the child
was female

The Celik family headed straight for the hospital and showed
officials there the birth certificate for their male child. Father
Necmi Celik filed a criminal complaint, noting that "we
brought the child that was not ours directly back to the
hospital. We have a birth report that says our child is a
boy. We want our real child returned to us right away."

An investigation revealed that the Kalkanmaz family, who
thought they had had a girl, left the hospital with a male
child.  Hospital officials contacted the Kalkanmaz's and
asked them to bring the child back to the hospital. DNA
samples were taken from both families and the babies and
the results will reveal which child belongs to which family.

The decision was made to keep both babies at the hospital
until the DNA tests are finalized. Head Doctor Abit Demir
mused "we don't know whether the families were given the
wrong babies or whether the birth certificates were filled
out wrong. The truth will come out."

Suruc ,to the west, and Viransehir, to the east.

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