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Paving Over History

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 28 December 2013)

Inconvenience residents for this historical nonsense?!

In Mugla's Gumusluk town, three graves in the cemetery
of ancient Myndos city, from the  Myndos Helenistic
Period, were discovered during the trench work  associated
with the Bodrum Peninsula Drinking Water Project three
years ago. However, because the graves were located along
the main Turgutreis-Gumusluk-Yalakavak road, the requisite
salvage excavation could not be done.

Consequently, it was proposed to the Gumusluk municipality
that an alternative road be used and the completion of this new
route was awaited. Once the new road was ready the Myndos
salvage excavation began and as ceramic pots, jewelry and
skeletons were unearthed they were placed under protection.
Because of the newly-found graves, the road passing through
them, which was illegal anyway, was closed to traffic, which
was then diverted through Samanlik.

But the municipality appealed to the Culture and Natural
Treasures Preservation Council to have the old road reopened
to traffic, even though the new route was 2 kilometers shorter
and straighter than the old road. The Council's response was
that "there is no objection to the graves being closed up and
paved over with asphalt for use as a road again."  AK Party
Gumusluk Mayor Mehmet Tire stated that "there are people
in that area  that go to their homes and work places. The road
has to be opened."

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sahin, who has led the excavations at Myndos
Antique City for six years, said that he didn't believe it when
the Council announced it's decision. He stated that "they're trying
to put a road that shouldn't be there, according to the development
plan for a first degree archaeological necropolis,  through ancient
treasures. I cannot comprehend why they would close graves that
shed light on the ancient city's history and pave them over with
asphalt. We know that there are more graves here, as well."

Bodrum/Gumusluk is on the left edge.

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