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Nosy Neighbor Sparks Military 'Travesty'

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 25 December 2013)

//ed. note: the Turkish word 'travesti' means 'transvestite'.//

Too much information.

In Antalya, 'guests' identifying themselves as military
wives, who entered the parking lot of the Army House
on Cumhuriyet Boulevard in the Kisla neighborhood,
created a crisis. Area resident K.Z. noticed the activity
in question from his/her balcony at 0415 in the morning
and suspected that soldiers were involved in prostitution.

K.Z. spoke with the soldiers tied to the Central Command,
whom K.Z. claimed were 'travesti' (transvestites), and video
recorded the movement of their car from the vehicle check-
point to the parking lot. K.Z. then ran to the Army House
entry point and angrily told the soldiers there to summon
the duty officer.

When the duty officer arrived K.Z. told him that "this car
with two transvestites inside made a few trips around the
area and then stopped at the Army House entry point. A
soldier came out from the Army House and spoke with the
people in the car. The vehicle then went to the darkest
corner of the parking lot. When I saw this happen I came
down from my home and scolded the soldiers."

Officials from the Central Command, however, stated that
the incident was based on a misunderstanding and they
provided the following information: "A vehicle approached
the Army House entry point at 0415 in the morning and, of
course, the soldier on duty told the people in the car that they
could not wait there. The car's occupants said that they were
'military wives' and so their ID cards were requested."

"At the same time another vehicle  approached the parking
lot so the soldier said to the first car's occupants 'let's look
at your cards inside' and allowed the car to enter.  When
the car's occupants failed to produce the required ID cards
they were immediately expelled."

"Certainly, the person who observed this activity (K.Z.)
perceived it differently. We looked at the video ourselves
and the car's parking lot entry and exit lasted 1 minute and
8 seconds. In such a period of time there was no chance
that anything (like K.Z. was suggesting) could have occurred."

Duty (or booty) calls in Antalya?

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