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Father Lavatori Clips Angels' Wings

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(Sabah Newspaper, 22 December 2013)

//ed. note: Although our blog items are almost always
Turkey-related, our editorial board views anything that
appears in the Turkish press as fair game. This one proved
to be irresistible.//

Wonders yes, but wingless wonders.

A Catholic church within the Vatican infrastructure that
focuses its work solely on angels has announced that angels
don't have wings. Father Renzo Lavatori (!), who works on
the related committee, stated that angels exist but, contrary
to what is believed, they are wingless. Father Lavatori added
that "angels are being rediscovered in the Christian world.
We can feel them but we can't see them. Angels are like the
light we see when a crystal vase breaks."

When Father Lavatori was reminded that in Renaissance
paintings angels are depicted with wings he countered that
such paintings were based on imagination and do not reflect
the truth.  Father Lavotori's committee noted that as people
become more secular and removed from religion, Satan has
gotten more attention.  This development has accelerated
the committee's work on angels.

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