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(Sabah Newspaper, 2 December 2013)

Turkey's 'Buck Naked'

In Bayrampasa, Istanbul, H.Y. has been continuously coming
out naked on his balcony and harassing women in the building
directly opposite with his actions. The woman in the neighborhood
have filed a complaint with the public prosecutor and the charge
from three of them who live on Ediz Street in the Muratpasa
neighborhood is quite interesting.

According to the women's complaint, their neighbor H.Y., who lives
in the building across from them, continually roams his home in the
buff, comes out onto his balcony and makes inappropriate gestures
toward the women. The proscecutor has begun an investigation into
this unusual complaint.

In her statement to the police, one of the women stated that "for some
time our neighbor across the way has been coming out stark naked onto
his balcony and when my curtains are open I see this. It makes me feel
very uncomfortable. I didn't tell my husband so he wouldn't go over there
and get into a fight. When I found out that two of my neighbors were
also uncomfortable with this situation we decided to file the complaint.
Most recently, on 17 November, I saw the suspect while I was working
in my kitchen. Again he was naked and when he realized I saw him he
began playing with his "package". I immediately closed the curtains and
went inside. This situation has created a very depressing mood for me and
my neighbors, psychologically."

The prosecutor applied to the Family Court for restrictive measures. In
response, the court has ordered H.Y. to stay 10 meters away from the
complaining women and desist in making inappropriate gestures toward
them. H.Y. is forbidden from approaching the women for one month and,
meanwhile, the prosecutor is continuing with his investigation.

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