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Hypnotic Robbery Via Cellphone

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 22 December 2013)

//ed. note: this is our blog's 3rd anniversary issue! As for
the report below, incredible as it may seem, professors,
generals and even some police have fallen victim to this
hypnotic robbery technique. Each week brings a new incident.//

Svengali on the line. It's for you...

An indictment prepared by the Istanbul Public Prosecutor
has revealed that the simple crime of 'kontor' fraud
(cellphone fraud) has seen a rapid and marked increase
across Turkey. According to the indictment, 3 million TL
worth of cellphone fraud occurred in Istanbul in just the
past month.

By using a hypnotic technique on the telephone, the victims
are made to do whatever they're told to do, like robots. The
secrets of the fraud are listed in the indictment as follows:

-- since the cellphone lines used in the crime belong to others,
    the perpetrators can act without concern and easily put the
    victims under their control.

-- the scammers identify themselves as police or prosecutors
    and tell those they call that they have been found to have
    links to a terror organization. The victims are then instructed
    to withdraw money from their bank for use in an anti-terror

--  the scammers test their victims psychologically to see
     whether or not they under control and have them keep their
     phones open continuously, hypnotizing them in the process.

The hypnotized victims do exactly what they are told, like robots.
After shutting off their cellphones, however, the victims soon
realize that they've been hoodwinked.

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