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Drunk Driver Samaritan May Get Off

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 3 December 2013)

Sure I'm drunk but I'm on a mission of mercy!

In Zonguldak, a driver who was transporting an injured
person to a hospital was stopped at a traffic checkpoint
and found to be drunk. The driver was fined and his car
was impounded.

Zeki K. set out in his car in Eregli district of Zonguldak
province to take a relative who had fallen down steps to the
hospital. However, when Zeki K. reached a police traffic checkpoint
he was stopped and given an alcohol breath-test despite the fact that
he was urgently transporting the accident victim. Zeki K.'s alcohol
blood-content registered at 137 promil.

Because Zeki K. had previously been convicted of drunk driving,
his license was suspended for two years, he was fined 877 TL (435
USD) and his car was impounded. Zeki K. explained to the police
that he was transporting Arzu Ibragimova's daughter Cemile (22)
to the hospital. The police then took the injured young woman
and her mother to the hospital.

Lawyer Zeki Bulgan (no relation to Zeki K.) noted that under Turkish
law 25/2, there is a exception clause to the effect that in dire
circumstances, if there is no other driver available and the injured
person is in a life-threatening situation, then the penalties imposed
(for drunk driving) can be voided. 

Eregli district in blue.

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