18 Aralık 2013 Çarşamba

Snowbound Classmates Leave Pupil On His Own

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(Sabah Newspaper, 16 December 2013)

35 to 1 reverse ratio

The National Education Ministry organized a make-up
exam for middle school students this year but on the first
and second days of the test only one student showed up
in Baskale district of Van province.

The test was administered at the Cumhuriyet Middle School,
where 308 students were expected to participate. Some 35
teachers were assigned to the school for the test, which was
given yesterday and the day before. Only Mazlum Isik took
the test, leaving 16 of the 17 classrooms totally empty. The
35 teachers who were assigned to the school for both days
waited in vain for the other 307 students.

Heavy snow that closed the roads of surrounding villages
was blamed for the no-shows. As for Isik, he said that "when
I saw the empty classrooms I was shocked. God willing I
got a good mark."
Baskale is near the Iranian border.

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