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Ghanian King of Hohoe Loses Crowns

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 1 December 2014)

Kral Togbe’nin tacı çalındı
Treasured photo of King Togbe, pre- crown theft.

The King of the Hohoe region, located within the borders
of the West African country of  Ghana, Togbe Ngoryifia
Cephas Kosi Bansah, lives with his German wife Gabriele
in the village of Ludwigshafen, near Frankfurt (!).

King Togbe's four crowns were stolen by a thief who entered
his first-floor home through the balcony.  The value of the
crowns is only 20,000 Euros (55,000 TL) but the King says
that their spritual value is priceless.  In a statement he gave
to the English newspaper The Times, King Togbe lamented
that "the thieves entered the house through the first-floor
balcony, broke the cabinets and took everything."

King Togbe earns his living by running a garage in the city.
The 66 year-old king still plays an active roll in the
administration of his 200,000- constituent realm back in
Hohoe via SKYPE. He also travels to his homeland many
times each year.

Yes, there really seems to be such a place.

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