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Looking for Sin in All the Wrong Places

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(Posta and Hurriyet Newspapers, 1 March 2015)

Polisten tenha uygulaması
There's got to be some inappropriate behavior here somewhere...

The morals squad from the Adiyaman police department
undertook an operation directed against individuals
displaying inappropriate behavior in remote areas. In this
regard, the police checked the area around the Karadag
Forest, Orenli hamlet, Sitilce location and the Kizilcapinar
Village area.

During the course of the operation the police did not
encounter woman or men displaying inappropriate behavior.
When they did not uncover any crimes or criminal elements
the operation was concluded.

The police conduct such operations from time to time against
woman and men who might display inappropriate behavior
and this supervision will increase in the days ahead.

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                        Adiyaman province.

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