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So, Eating Fish is Healthy. Right?

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(Sabah Newspaper, 30 January 2015)

        Attempted murder suspect's mug shot.

In Istanbul, a 66 year-old woman swallowed a live 'istavrit'
(horse mackerel, scad) fish that she took from the pail of a
fisherman, believing that the 'istavrit' would do well for her
stomach and intestinal discomforts.  Evidently, the elderly
woman claimed to have eaten live fish like this many times

Nevertheless, the 'istavrit', which measures 16 centimeters
(6.2 inches) in length and 3.5 centimeters (nearly 1.5 inches)
in girth, got stuck in her in wind pipe.  The woman passed
out and was rushed to Fatih Medical Park Hospital's
emergency room where doctors were able to revive her only
with great difficulty. She remains in intensive care.

ER Dr. Zulfu Ozkilic said that "we first thought that she had
choked on a fish bone but then we saw this huge fish in her
mouth. Our anesthesiologist reached down her throat and
grabbed the creature by the tail. It was tough to get out because
it was so slippery. This is all the result of ignorance and a
lack of education."

Clooney'esque ER Dr. Zulfu Ozkilic.

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