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Cop Turns Robber to Catch Killer

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(Sabah Newspaper, 2 January 2016)

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         All the makings of a bad 'B' movie...

Murat Usluoğlu (32) worked as a construction engineer at the
Gulf of Izmit Bridge project but he was stabbed to death in
Gaziosmanpaşa, Istanbul.  Police suspected İlhan D., the former
boyfriend of Usluoğlu's 5-month wife, to be the killer.

In order to catch İlhan D., police came up with a special plan.
A policeman from the murder squad became a 'thief' and entered
İlhan D.'s apartment.  The 'thief''s murder squad buddies 'captured'
him and then told İlhan D.'s father, the manager of the apartment
building, that they wanted to look at the building's video recordings.

Police determined from the video that at the time of the murder
İlhan D. had left the apartment building through the basement door
and then returned the same way after committing the murder. In
light of the evidence thus collected, İlhan D. was arrested and taken
to jail.

Police also learned that one day before the murder İlhan D. had
spoken for two hours with Usluoğlu's wife İ.U., who was released
under judicial supervision.

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Sadly, murdered engineer won't see his work completed (black
 stripe). Artist's rendering below...

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