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Fake Facebook Fuels Family Feud

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 13 January 2016)

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"Intra-tribal clashes. Guns and knives do the talking."
Ouch! FACEBOOK's dark side emerges once again...

In Erzurum, an unknown person opened a fake Facebook page
and posted insults, provoking members of the same tribe to
go after one another. For the past week in the Gölbaşı and
Şükrüpaşa quarters of Yakutiye district, tribe members have
been engaging in fights with guns and knives (!).

Local police teams were insufficient to quell the unrest so
special 'Çevik Kuvvet' (quick reaction force) police have had
to intervene in the incidents, which have resulted in tens of
injuries and arrests.

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There's always a trouble-maker out there.

As the clashes intensified, Coşkun Engin, a member of the tribe,
requested help from police and he told them that the cause was
insults posted on Facebook.  Engin explained that "a fake Facebook
page was opened in the name of 'Mehmet Uyuz' (in Turkish slang
'uyuz' can mean a 'good-for-nothing').  Via this page, insults and
inappropriate postings appeared and were directed at our relatives
in some branches of our tribe.  As a consequence, tribal people
started fighting with each other."

"My house and business were subjected to armed attacks, as
were those of my relatives.  The police are looking into the matter
but as yet there is no solution.  If this fake Facebook page isn't
dealt with then even worse clashes may erupt between members
of the tribe.  There will be murders.  Everyone is suspicious of
one another.  We don't want any more blood to be spilled. Let's
expose this before it turns into a blood feud."

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Yakutiye district is in central Erzurum province.

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