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Turk-Russia Plane Crisis Redux - Culprit Tangerines

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 January 2016)

Yes, it's ridiculous but that's what humans are all about.

A second plane crisis has erupted with Russia but this time the
cause is tangerines (!).  The firm "Uçak Kardeşler", which has set
records for the export of fruits and vegetables, has for a long time
sent tons of tangerines to Russia with its brand name "uçak" (which
means "airplane" in Turkish) stuck on the fruit.

Although Russia has up to now bought tons of imports from the
Uçak firm, the brand "uçak" plastered on the tangerines is now
considered to convey a "hidden message", and to be "very telling,

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                       The plot sickens...

And so tons of the tangerines have been sent back to Turkey.
Some amount of the fruit has been gathered up by wholesalers
in Russia and destroyed.  The head of Uçak Kardeşler, Hayrettin
Uçak, explained that "as of 1 January, we're reluctant to send
anything to Russia other than what we have permission for.  We're
redirecting to other markets. For example, to Israel and some European
countries. We won't bow to Russia. We'll show them we don't need

Uçak said that before the crisis (Turkey's shoot-down of a Russian
jet on the Turkey-Syria frontier) the firm did 300 million USD of
exporting per year but this has fallen by 40%. The amount of exports
to Russia is now 10% of what it was, with 90% now going to other

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Tangerine War adversaries.

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