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Kılls Friend, Marries Sister, Confesses...Almost

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 28 January 2016)

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     Let me re-phrase my 'confession'.

The friendship that began between army buddies Hacı A.
and Muhittin Kızılaslan in Elazığ in 2001 continued when
they transitioned to civilian life.  When the two friends,
both originally from Muş, went to Istanbul they shared a flat.

However, in 2006 when Kızılaslan told Hacı A. as they
drank rakı together that "I'm going back to Muş", an argument
ensued that resulted in Hacı A. stabbing  Kızılaslan 27 times.
Hacı A. then wrapped the body in a blanket and threw it out into
the street.

Police began an investigation, as Kızılaslan, the father of 1 child,
was buried in Muş.  Hacı A. participated in the funeral service and
even paid the related expenses.  If that wasn't enough, Hacı A. fell
in love with Kızılaslan's sister and married her (!). In the meantime,
Hacı A. was called in for police questioning about Kızılaslan's
death but no link could be discerned.

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Hacı and Suphiye, mourning her brother's death at wedding.

Hacı A. and his wife Suphiye settled in Bursa and had a child.
However, differences arose between the couple and Suphiye went
back to her father's home in Muş one month ago.  With his
knowledge of Arabic, Hacı A. (35) worked as a tour guide in Bursa
but he suddenly turned himself in to the police yesterday.

In his statement, Hacı A. explained that "in my dreams Muhittin
said to me 'you killed me and married my sister. Do I deserve such
things?' After that I went to the police and confessed everything."
When wife Suphiye heard the news she was shocked: "he kept
saying that he was having bloody dreams. When I learned that
my husband is my brother's killed I was shocked.  From what
I've found out, he has a record for robbery and assault."

When Hacı A. was turned over to the Istanbul police, though,
he changed his statement, saying that he made up the whole
story because he was angry with his wife (!).  Nevertheless,
Hacı A. was taken to jail.

Two guys from Muş were army buddies in Elazığ. 

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