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Mosques: Miracle Rescue, Wrong Way Kıble

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 24 January 2016)

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              Spiderman? No, stranded man.

A scaffold collapsed inside a mosque construction site
on the campus of Uşak University. Five workers were
injured in the accident and one was miraculously saved.

The scaffold on which the workers were standing while
they installed acustic panelling on the mosque's dome
collapsed all of a sudden.  Together with the scaffold's
iron skeleton, Ahmet Üstün, Orhan Tezgel, Şenol Zorlu,
Ahmet Yaya and Hasan İspir fell to the ground.

Çöken caminin kubbesinde sıkışan işçi kurtarıldı
                      Stairway to heaven.

While the injured were taken to a hospital, Hüseyin Tetik (35)
was trapped in the lattice that had been set in place on the
dome.  Tetik had to wait for 4 hours in the ceiling of the
unfinished mosque before firefighters and AFAD (rescue)
teams were able to reach him with a large crane.

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                             Uşak province

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 January 2015)

  Right-way ribbon provides an elegant solution.

In the Meydan neighborhood of Kütahya, residents noticed that
their mosque's 'kıble' wall (facing Mecca) was wrong so they first
informed the mosque official and then the provicial religious
authority.  Based on an investigation begun by Müftü Hacı Yusuf
Gül, it was determined that the  mosque's congregation has been
praying in the wrong direction for 60 years (!).

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Nevertheless, Gül stated that the direction of the kıble was no
obstacle to proper prayers.  After the kıble was straightened out
Gül declared that "after we learned that the kıble direction of the
Kakaç Mosque was wrong we measured it. I myself saw that the
angle was 69 degrees but I told the congregation that this presented
no obstacle to praying."

"We said that if it was possible to correct the angle we would.
Tearing down the mosque or the kıble wall would have presented
great difficulties.  We decided it would be best to lay a ribbon to
show the correct kıble angle.  Now prayers are being said in the
proper direction."

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