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Release the Hounds!

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 3 January 2016)

Tasma kavgası ölümle bitti
 Mr. Burns wannabe on the right. Looks like Homer on left.

The suspect in a killing that occurred in Beykoz, Istanbul,
involving unleashed dogs, Kemal U., has disappeared together
with his family and three German Shepherd dogs.

The incident happened on New Years Day in Beykoz's Baklacı
neighborhood. Reşit Vural, who owns a auto spare parts factory
in Romania, came to Turkey two days before. When Vural's
children saw 3 unleashed German Shepherd dogs in the street
they got scared and ran to their car.

Image result for mr burns release the hounds
         Dog's best friend.

Vural then came out of his house running after his children
and fired his gun into the air to disperse the dogs. At this point
Vural's neighbor's son, who was walking the three unleashed
dogs, began to scream.  The son gathered up the dogs, went
home and told his father about the incident.

Textile manufacturer Kemal U., the dogs' owner, grabbed his
gun and came outside and confronted Vural, with whom he
had previously argued about the unleashed dogs.  In the course
of the argument, Kemal U. shot Vural in the head, killing him.

When police arrived at the scene they found that Kemal U.
had taken his children, his dogs and some other items and fled.
Other neighbors in the area said that the dogs regularly terrorized
the streets and had killed a lamb and a goat.

Image result for beykoz haritası
               Beykoz district, Istanbul


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