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Gloom & Doom Keep Fortune-Tellers Fat & Happy

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 14 January 2016)

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  Hey, let's see your business plan?!

Economic crises, war, poverty and the hope for a better future
are making fortune-tellers' incomes soar.  Soothsayers in Izmir
are seeing lines at their doors packed with citizens wanting to hear
good news, taking their earning beyond those of CEO's and professors.

The cost of getting one's coffee grinds read ranges from 15 TL to
35 TL, and tarot card readings cost 40 TL.  'House calls' for
soothsayers cost the customer 100 TL.  A small portion of fortune-
tellers work by appointment and their shop signs read 'fortunes,
astrology and spiritual services.'

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 Yes, of course it just appeared all by itself...      

CEOs in Izmir earn an average of between 20 and 25,000 TL per
month and professors' salaries reach 6,776 TL. But a popular
fortune-teller can bring in more than 40,000 TL each month and
there about 15 such soothsayers in Izmir. They mostly operate in
the Alsancak, Konak and Güzelyalı areas.

In total, there are about 250 fortune-tellers working in Izmir,
making an average of 10,000 TL monthly. The sector accounts
for 3 million TL in income each month. Prices are based on the
particular fortune-teller's popularity and the variety of services

Soothsayers who read the fortunes of ten people in an hour or
the tarot cards of four people earn 2,500 TL per day.  S.M., who
worked as a fortune-teller in Kemeraltı until last year, explained
the sector this way: "this place is near the Government House
so personnel flock to us during lunch hour. Some people come
3 or 4 times a day to get their fortunes told."

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