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History Edition: Alternative and Frozen Solid

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 6 January 2015)

Lise ders kitaplarında önemli hatalar
Learn it young: don't believe everything you read.

Over the past 5 years, the National Education Ministry has been
distributing books to students that contain glaring errors. Parents
are lamenting that "our children are going into tests with this
wrong information."

Some of the errors include the following:

-- in a section in the physics book used for middle school, the
birthplace for Galileo is given as "France's city of Pisa" (it is in

Image result for pisa italy map
Well, it IS close to France.

-- in a section about Çanakkale in a history book distributed to
middle school students, former President Turgut Özal is
identified as the Prime Minister in 1997 (he died in 1993 while
serving as President.)

Image result for turgut özal
Guiding the nation from up above in 1997, evidently...

-- in the same book, a world map relating to early civilizations
identifies the "continent of Austria" (instead of Australia).

                    Easily confused.


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 6 January 2015)

Image result for da vincinin köprüsü buzdan inşa edecekler
A bridge on ice for 500 years, now out of cold storage.

The bridge Leonardo da Vinci designed in 1502 to be built over
the Golden Horn in Istanbul is being built today by a group of
students in Finland - with ice. About 150 students, led by those
from Eindhoven Technical University, are building the bridge
out of ice in a mine in the town of Juuka, in eastern Finland.

Image result for da vincinin haliç köprüsü
 Who could read this handwriting, much less build a bridge from it?

The original bridge as designed by da Vinci was 240 meters long.
The ice replica is 65 meters in length, 5 meters wide and has 35
meters distance between the legs.  The students from Finland,
Holland, Belgium, Portugal, England, Scotland and Switzerland
began the construction on 28 December and the opening is planned
for 13 February.

Image result for da vincinin haliç köprüsü
What might have been if Sultan Beyazid II had been in a better mood.

Students fro Eindhoven University made a 30-meter diameter dome
from ice in 2014 in three weeks.

Image result for juuka finland map
Juuka is somewhere in the red part.

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