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Uncle Gets 'Payback' From Ingrate Nephews

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 10 January 2015)

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          Uncle says 'uncle' in a hail of bullets.

In Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, realtor İmam Önkol (51) was gunned
down by three masked assailants at around 1700 the evening before
last.  Önkol died at the scene but police stopped a car a short distance
away and took lawyer Mekail Önkol (29) into custody.

A search of Mekail's car revealed two revolvers and 4 ski-masks.
Police then learned that Mekail's brothers Murat (41), also a lawyer,
and Abdülkadir (34), a psychologist, were intending to flee to
Batumi in Georgia.  Their Turkish Airlines flight was halted on the
runway at Atatürk Airport and the two brothers were arrested. ,

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Intending to catch the last plane to Georgia...

It turned out that İmam Önkol had lent Murat 200,000 TL, Abdülkadir
180,000 TL and Mekail 120,000 TL.  Rather than pay their uncle back,
the nephews decided to kill their benefactor.

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