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Much Ado About 1 Lira, but Justice Prevails

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 8 January 2016)

Hakimden adalet dersi
              High-priced justice takes a day off.

In Istanbul, a criminal case was opened against two children for
plundering, after they forced another child to give them one lira
and then made him let them use his bicycle for a time.

The incident occurred on 10 April 2014 in Ümraniye district when
A.A. (16) and E.Ö. (15) forced Y.Y. (14) to give them 1 lira.  A
bit later, the two suspects started riding Y.Y.'s bicycle without his
permission.  When Y.Y.'s father arrived at the scene, A.A. and
E.Ö. dropped the bike and fled.

Based on the father's complaint, a criminal case was opened against
A.A. and E.Ö. for the crime of plundering, based on article 149 of
the Turkish Penal Law. The last hearing was held on 1 December.
Court President Emin Doğanay told the suspects' lawyers that since
the boys had not paid back the 1 lira, there would be no leniency
sentence reduction.

Moreover, because the related jail sentence was more than 2 years,
there was no possibility of delaying the sentence any longer, making
it likely that the suspects would have to go to jail.  Judge Doğanay
asked the lawyers "can you ensure that the suspects will pay the 1
lira?"  In response, one of the boys' lawyers, Muhammet Bilal Üzer,
said that "without admitting the crime, we would like to return the
money."  With that, he reached in his pocket and gave 1 lira to the

At the conclusion of the case, the suspects were given jail sentences
of 10 years each. (!)  After a leniency reduction, the sentences were
postponed.  In addition, it was decided that the police would ensure
that the 1 lira was returned to the victim.

Image result for ümraniye haritası
             Ümraniye district, Istanbul.

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