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Politics: Apple Polishing, Banana Republics

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 25 January 2016)

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 An apple a day keeps parliamentarians awake.

While there is a lot of tension in the Parliament and its
commissions because of the incidents in the east and
southeast of the country, quite a different matter has
taken hold backstage.

Bülent Turan, head of the AK Party Group, received a
package of apples from the Çanakkale Provincial Agriculture
Directorate while he was away from Ankara.  Turan, who is
representing Çanakkale this term, directed that the apples be
distributed to his parliamentary colleagues.

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The important business of the government must proceed...

To ensure that his colleagues knew where the apples were
coming from, Turan instructed his staff to include his business
card and that of his fellow AK Party Çanakkale representative
Ayhan Gider.

What Turan didn't know was that each of his parliamentary
colleagues received just one apple, prompting them to respond
with remarks like "you can't win hearts with half an apple;
what are we supposed to do with this apple? Send it home?;
and, it's gone in one gulp."

Turan was confused by the messages but got the idea when
AK Party representative Necdet Ünüvar sent everyone a picture
of the lonesome apple and the two business cards. Turan quickly
asked for more apples from Çanakkale and when they arrived he
sent a case of apples to each of his colleagues. This time Ünüvar
sent another picture of the case of apples and the two business
cards with the message "Çanakkale apples...from where to where
in a month."

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                      Çanakkale province

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 25 January 2016)

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Lots of kilometers make good neighbors.

The AK Party government, which set out to have zero problems
with our neighbors, has put Turkey into a situation where all of
our nearby neighbors are at odds with us.  So the government has
found the solution by making friends with countries thousands
of kilometers away.

The newest address for this 'international opening' is the island
nation of Mauritius, way down in the depths of the Indian Ocean.
The Mauritius Republic is 7,450 kilometers away from Turkey and
has a population of 1.5 million.

Another of the latest bilateral agreements has been reached with
the Caribbean island nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,
which is 10,000 kilometers from Turkey, with a population of
about 200,000.

The government has also signed agreements with Zimbabwe, 13,000
kilometers (sic) away, Ecuador, 12,000 kilometers away and
Surinam, 9,843 kilometers distant from Turkey.

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         Looking for love in far away places.



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