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Malfeasance: Fuel in Turkey, Road in Russia

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 13 January 2016)

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       No one was supposed to notice.

In Kocaeli, the principal of a school is under investigation for
having diverted the school's fuel oil via a pipe to his own home.
Provincial Education Director Fehmi Rasim Çelik stated that
complaints had come to him asserting that A.G., the principal of
Akmeşe Elementary School, was using a pipe to transfer the
school's fuel oil to heat his own home.

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A.G. in a pensive moment, contemplating the value of fuel oil.

Inspectors who went to the scene saw that the asphalt of the
road had been dug up to lay the pipe across the road to A.G.'s
home.  Director Çelik stated that "the fuel oil was being taken
from the tank in the school to his home without permission.
This is not a legal thing to do (!). We've started an investigation
into the matter."

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A.G. and friend...perhaps his only one anymore.

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          Kocaeli province

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Sabah Newspaper, 16 January 2016)

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Hey, all of a sudden the road's muddy...

In Russia's Koni region, the director of a prison, Aleksander
Protopopov, has been arrested and accused of selling the 50
kilometers of concrete used to pave a highway.  Protopopov
used his position between 2010 and 2015 to have the concrete
removed from the highway and sold, netting him 80,000 USD.

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                   Where's Koni?

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See this movie and you'll understand, a bit anyway.

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