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History Edition: Roman Slaves' Tunnel; Armenian Beach

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 16 May 2016)

titus tunnel details from UNESCO

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The Titus Tunnel, built over ten years in the first century A.D.
by a thousand Roman slaves, is located 5 kilometers from Samandağ
district in Hatay province,  The tunnel was constructed to prevent
mountain waters from inundating the harbor there with silt and rocks.

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All agree, the best 10 years of their lives. Just delightful work!

Local and foreign tourists have flocking to the site, which includes,
besides the tunnel, rock graves and the Beşikli Cave, all set amid
splendid greenery. The tunnel was begun by order of Roman Emperor
Vespasian (69-79 A.D.) and completed by his successors.

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Samandağ district is on the Med coast in southern Hatay.


türkçe links to original Turkish article

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       Surf's up! Kim grab your board!

The appearance of sea sand and sea shells in the area of Kalkankale
village in Akyaka district, near the Armenian bordern in Kars province,
has created amazement.  Akyaka District Chief İbrahim Cengiz noted
that an investigation has been begun where the sand and shells were
found, despite the fact that there is no stream or lake in the area.

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 Ready, willing and able world-famous Armenian.

Residents of nearby Demirken village are wondering "was there a sea
or lake here once?" Dinosaur bones were found in the area 10 years
ago.  All concerned are eagerly awaiting the results ot the forthcoming


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