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Long-range Bird Flights Catch Flack Over Turkey

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 May 2016)

Finlandiya'da halkalanan kartal Burdur'da vuruldu
   Fortunately for these humans, they're not fish.

In Burdur's Bucak district, a citizen found an injured fish eagle
in a field and brought the bird to the Nature Protection and National
Park Office Directorate. The eagle was next taken to the Lisinia
Wildlife Protection and Rehabilitation Center on the shore of Lake
Burdur where the incredible truth came out.

The bird had a tag on it from Finland and was 2,600 kilometers
into its migration flight when a hunter shot it down. Veterinarian
Öztürk Sarıca said that the eagle will be released back into the
wild after 2-3 weeks of rehabilitation.

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                   Action photo

Even more incredibly, experts explained that hunters shoot down
birds of prey like the fish eagle for money or for superstitious
reasons.  Wildlife expert Süreyya İsfendiyaroğlu explained that
"for example, in Hatay province they eat forest eagles because
they think the meat increase their sexual prowess.  Arab shaikhs
are partial to the Uludoğan type of bird, which have become
extinct in Turkey for this reason."

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               Burdur province

Prof. Dr. Murat Biricik noted that "someone with a gun will
shoot a bird, stuff it with cotton  and either sell it or display
it.  Thinking that Arab shaikhs will pay dearly for the birds,
they go after the animals."

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              Finland & Turkey

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 21 May 2016)

Pelikanı  kanadından vurdular
   Turkish air space unfriendly for these flyers.

Illegal hunters continue to massacre wildlife. While treatment of
a fish eagle that was shot down  -after a 2,600 kilometer flight from
Finland - in Bucak district of Burdur continues, similar news came
from Mersin.  A pelican with a tag from İsrael was shot down in
Erdemli district

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             Mersin province

The tag on the pelican reads "PM-310 TEL-AVIVUNIV ISRAEL
and it is being cared for by the Forestry Ministry.  After treatment
the pelican will be set free into the wild. Ministry officials stated
that in the past three years 21,044 people have been caught hunting
wildlife illegally and fined them a total of 21,994,573 TL (about
7 million USD.

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              Yet another crisis!


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