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Lovesick 'ISIS Bomber''s Girlfriend Turns Him In

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 28 May 2016)

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He's dressed in ISIS black but just wanted to see his gal.

In Şanlıurfa, something quite remarkable turned up after
Abdulkadir K., on leave from prison, was taken into custody
for being an "ISIS bomber".  Abdulkadir K. was jailed in 2010
for a murder he committed in 2008.  With a third of his sentence
remaining, Abdulkadir K. was transferred to the Akçakale Open

Because he is a university student, Abdulkadir K. got leave to
take an exam but as soon as he left the jail he was taken back
into custody on the claim that "he would participate in a suicide
bombing attack in Istanbul as an ISIS member."

Under interrogation Abdulkadir K. admitted that he wasn't really
going to take the exam and had instead bought a bus ticket for
Istanbul.  The Akçakale Gendarmerie Command then ordered a
search of Abdulkadir K.'s home but nothing related to ISIS was

Abdulkadir K. explained that he was planning to go to Istanbul
to see his girlfriend and he asserted that he had no connection to
ISIS.  It turned out that the tip about Abdulkadir K. being an
ISIS suicide bomber had come from his girlfriend (!).

In her statement to police, the unidentified woman stated that when
Abdulkadir K. said he was coming to Istanbul to see her she
thought he was planning to escape from jail so she chose the 'ISIS
bomber' way to prevent him from doing so.

Can't blame the cops - Akçakale district is on Urfa's border with


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