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Road Rage: Mom Towed, Instructor Bitten

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 2 May 2016)

İtinayla anne çekilir
Maybe at his age he shouldn't take mom along everywhere.

In Sultangazi, Istanbul, Halil Büyükkurt, whose car was towed by
police with his mother still in it, wondered "if my mother had died
from stress or fright who would have taken responsibility?"

Last week, Büyükkurt, the sales director of a lighting firm, left
his mother Nursel Büyükkurt (65)  in the back seat of his car as
he quickly tried to take care of some errands on Sultangazi Avenue.
Halil returned 10 minutes later only to find his car and mother gone.
Then he got a frantic phone call from his mother: "Son! They're
towing the car! I'm screaming but they don't hear me! I don't
know where we're going!"

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     Pay attention to the signs!

Immediately, Halil called the police and asked for help. Shortly
thereafter, Nursel hanım called again to say that the she and the
car had been taken to the impoundment lot. Nursel noted that the
police there were quite surprised to find her in the towed car.

When Halil arrived at the lot the police told him that because of
the car's tinted glass they didn't notice that Nursel hanım was
still in the vehicle.  Halil decided not to file a complaint but
lamented that "what if my mother had had a heart attack or
something awful like that had happened? They should have been
more careful."

As for Nursel hanım, she told reporters that "I thought it was
an earthquake. I was very scared, not knowing what was going
on.  Then I saw that I was being towed. I screamed and yelled
but they just went ahead and took the car."

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     Sultangazi district of Istanbul.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 2 May 2016)

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In the Kuzeyyaka neighborhood of Kepez district in Antalya
province the day before yesterday at about 1600 hours, Muhammet
Yücel, who had taken a driving course at Şelale Sürücü Driving
School, took the written test for his license and then moved on
to the driving test.

During the test, though, Yücel made a number of mistakes and
failed the test.  Enraged by this outcome, Yücel headed straight
for the driving school, where he beat driving instructor Hamide
Darı with a stick.  School chief Nazmi Acan intervened but Yücel
bit him on the cheek (!).  Police arrived and took Yücel into

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                Antalya province

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