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Pooch Bandits; (Don't) Return For Deposit

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 12 May 2016)

'Hırsız köpekleri' MOBESE yakaladı
       "Bark twice, if you see him coming!"

In Izmir, a shopkeeper closed his store after a long and busy
day. He left his hand bag with money and personal items in front
of the store while he put his motorcycle inside for safekeeping.
After turning off the store lights the shopkeeper came outside,
only to find his hand bag gone.

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Suspects taken into custody, but released pending trial.

In a panic, the shopkeeper called the police, who quickly reviewed
street security camera footage.  What the police saw in the video
were two dogs making off with the hand bag. Fortunately, the
shocked storekeeper knew where the dogs resided and his hand bag
was found there.

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                  İzmir province

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 12 May 2016)

30 bin depozitolu  şişe elinde kaldı
   ...and now he's got a liver complaint, to boot!

In Bodrum, for one year Suphi Öğüt collected 30,000 bottles that
can (supposedly) be returned for deposit money, in the hope of
getting enough to buy wheelchairs for handicapped children.  But
when Öğüt approached the beer companies that make the bottles to
return them, he found that they were not interested in paying back
the deposit money.

A crestfallen Öğüt had this to say: "I started collecting the bottles
to be able to buy wheelchairs for two handicapped kids and to
clean up the environment.  While I was doing this the bottle firms
promised they would take the deposit bottles but they didn't keep
their word.  I want the firms to take the bottles from my storage
room and give the kids their wheelchairs."

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