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Laying Herself at the Mercy of the Court

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 13 May 2016)

Sürücüye  sedyede tutuklama
   Nice touch, but not this time Sema hanım.

There was a road accident in Kastamonu on 6 May. Driver
Sema Korkmaz (53) allegedly crossed the dividing line and
crashed her jeep into a car driven by Murat Akyüz (45), killing
him and his parents Semiha (76) and Recep Akyüz (76).

Korkmaz and her three passengers were injured in the crash.
The day before yesterday Korkmaz was released from the
hospital and brought by ambulance to the court house on a
stretcher. In the ensuing video conference, Korkmaz gave the
following statement: "I was in my own lane and I was going
less than 50 kph. All of a sudden there was a bang. The oncoming
car was travelling very fast. I'm blameless."

In the report of the expert witness, however, Korkmaz was found
to be primarily respoonsible for the accident and she was arrested
for "causing death and injury to more than one person."  Korkmaz's
lawyer objected and after one night in jail Korkmaz was released  from
the prison, in consideration of the fact that her flight was unlikely.

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                      Kastamonu province

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