15 Mayıs 2016 Pazar

International Edition: ISIS-style Execution; Peruvian Bandits

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 15 May 2016)

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"Cut my husband's throat. The police will think it was ISIS."

England is talking about the unbelievable plan concocted by
Turk Nurten Taycur to have her husband, taxi driver Ercan Akan,
killed with an ISIS touch.  According to records of the serious
crimes court Old Bailey in London, Taycur began meeting with
someone to whom she ultimately agreed to give 5.000 pounds
for the elimination of her husband.

Taycur told the prospective killer to cut off her husdband's head
and "write ISIS on his taxi so they'll think that is was an execution."
When asked "should I get rid of the body?", Taycur responded "no,
I'll cry at the funeral."   Since her husband is Kurdish, Taycur
thought it would that a story linking his killing to ISIS, the Kurds'
enemy, would be believable.

However, the taxi driver she hired to kill her husband turned out
to be a plain-clothes policeman and she was arrested when she
gave him a deposit for the killing. In court Taycur confessed to
the plot and was sentenced to 6 years in jail.

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Dickens would have warmed to Nurten hanım.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 15 May 2016)

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Peruvian gang members...in happier times back home.

Two gangs that came from 12,000 kilometers away in Peru to rob
banks in Turkey (!) have been caught by police.  The first heist
occurred on 22 March in Ankara's Cebeci neighborhood. Four gang
members waited in front of an ATM and one of them distracted the
security guard when the ATM cash cassette was being changed. The
other three gangsters made off with 90,000 TL (about 30,000 USD)
in the cassette.

After the robbery police identified the culprits from video as
Peruvians Hugo M., Hılda H., Ruben R. and Pedro F. and learned
that they were staying at a hotel in Altındağ, Ankara.  When police
raided the hotel, however, the thieves had already absconded.

The second heist occurred on 19 May in Kocaeli's Gebze district.
The same method was used and the robbers got away with 25,000
TL.  Police identified the gangsters as Peruvians Johnny E., Q.Y.,
Segundo T., Francisco J. and Raul B. In a police operation the
gang members were captured in Ankara and turned over to Kocaeli
police. In between the heists, the Peruvians had fled to Moscow on
27 March.

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