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'Balkan Nostradamus' Foresaw Moslem European Invasion

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 29 May 2016)

Sığınmacı krizi ve Vanga Nine kehaneti
'Baba Vanga' and the hordes (that's Attila's grand nephew
 on horseback).

In 1990, as the Cold War ended and Russia found itself at a 
disadvantage in intelligence collection, the Russian Defense 
Ministry chose an alternative method – Unit 10003.   With a 
budget of 100 million rubles (about 200 million USD at the time),
the secret unit was established and Colonel Alexey Yurevich 
Savin was put in charge.  The aim of Unit 10003 was to exploit
paranormal activity and gain information about enemies from 
the predicitons made by people having these powers.

Throughout the Soviet Union experts were sent to find soothsayers
and record their predictions, usually resulting in a correctness range
of between 20% and 50%.   However, there were some diviners 
whose correctness percentage was 90%  and one of these was a 
Bulgarian woman known as ‘Baba Vanga’ (Grandma Vanga), who 
was also called the ‘Balkan Nostradamus’.

 Image result for nostradamus
French Nostradamus...the resemblance to Baba Vanga is uncanny...
(let's check their genes).

Baba Vanga was said to have predicted the start of World War II 
and its consequences, along with the Turkish invasion of Cyprus
and the disintigration of the Soviet Union.  It was said that Adolf 
Hitler visited her and left in a huff.  She was consulted by Russian
experts until her death in 1996. Unit 10003 was so successful that
Yurevich Savin was promoted to general officer rank in 1997.

Among Baba Vanga’s correct predicitons were the Chernobil 
nuclear catastrophe, the 11 September 2001 attacks in the U.S., 
the 2004 tsunami tragedy and the election of the first black as the
44th president  of the U.S.  Nevertheless, Unit 10003 was disbanded
in 2003 because of objections from Russian scholars but  Yurevich
Savin, now retired, continues to run the unit as an academic institution.

Baba Vanga’s predictions continue to ring true, as in the case of the
rise of ISIS and the Syrian civil war.  For 2016 she predicted that 
“Moslems will occupy Europe and the ruin will last for years, 
leading to the eviction of most Europeans from their own countries…”

Here they come again! But from a different direction.

       And let us not forget this guy.

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