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Routine Traffic Stop Foils Bilkers

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 5 May 2016)

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Darn it! I knew I should'a got that tail light fixed...

In Ankara, bilkers who called an elderly woman named Y.S.,
saying that they were the police, were able to get about 1 million
TL worth of money (about 300,000 USD) and jewelry from the

However, in Niğde police made a routine traffic stop and searched
a car, finding 250,000 Euros and 175,000 worth of jewelry under
the seats and in the glove compartment.  Reşat B., Mehmet A.,
Mustafa A. and Mehmet A. were taken into custody on suspicion.

In the ensuing police investigation it was determined that the
number series of the bank notes found in the car came from a
bank in Ankara. When police called the bank they learned that
the money had been withdrawn by Y.S.

Then, the money and jewelry were sent from Niğde to the Ankara
police who showed them to Y.S., who confirmed that they belonged
to her. Y.S. explained that the suspects had called he and told her
to bring all the vauables to an address in the Kavalıdere section of
Ankara, which she did. The four suspects have been brought to
Ankara for the continuation of the investigation.


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