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Amino Acids From Outer Space

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(Zaman Newspaper, 6 May 2016)

Düşen meteorda 'yaşam izi' bulundu
 Hmmmmmm.....from whence and from whom?

Scientists from NASA and Istanbul University have completed
their study of a meteor that fell in Bayramiç district of Çanakkale
province in 1964. Amino acid, part of the make-up of humans, was
identified for the first time in a meteor that landed in Turkey.

After scientists at the Istanbul University Sciences Faculty conducted
the initial examinations of the mineral content of the 4-kilogram
meteor, it was sent to NASA in 2012 for a more detailed investigation.
The 4-year probe at NASA has been concluded, with the results
showing a total of 19 amino acids, including glysin, alanin, valin,
serin, glutamig acid and aspartig acid protein amino acids.

Istanbul U.'s Dr. Yavuz Örnek noted that meteors always attract
attention, with about 500 falling to Earth each year: "Only about
10% of these can be observed because the rest fall into the oceans,
the deserts and the polar areas.  Up to now more than 50,000 meteors
have been found, mostly in glaciers. The 60-ton HOBA meteor
found in Namibia is thought to have landed there 80,000 years ago."

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Bayramiç district is in southern Çanakkale province.

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