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Divorce, Mother-in-Law Style

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 1 May 2016)

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                     Three's a crowd.

According to the case file, a newly married couple in Osmaniye
began to live with the groom's family.  The bride, uncomfortable
with this arrangement, asked her husband to move to a separate
house.  When he refused, the bride, saying that "I can't live in the
same house with my mother-in-law!", filed for divorce.

The local court ruled that this was not grounds for divorce but,
undeterred, the bride appealed to a higher court, which ruled in
her favor.  The higher court found that the husband's refusal to
move to a separate house was a 'wrongful act' and elaborated as

"Despite the woman's request to live in a separate house, since
the husband did not make the necessary efforts in this regard and
forced his wife to live with his own family, this prompted her to
file for divorce.  In accordance with this court's adherence to the
Private Residence concept, the lower court's ruling does not stand."

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            Osmaniye province.

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