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Dognapping Edition: Goldens to USA and Canada

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 24 May 2016)

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                                Cat not included.

The abandonment of Golden Retriever breed dogs, known as
an 'American breed', on the streets of Turkey recently has
prompted Americans to action.  Golden Atlanta, an organization
in America, is looking out for the Golden breed in Turkey.

Initially, the dogs were taken into shelters herebut when they were
released again the same distressing situation arose.  So Golden
Atlanta started a campaign to "adopt our breed" and 1,800 USD
per dog was collected from American citizens, proportionate to
the number of requests for the Goldens that came in.

canada details of the Canadian effort.

Golden Atlanta then began shipping the Goldens from Turkey
to America and in one year a total of 158 dogs have been
transported from Istanbul and Bursa to America in what had
been called "the biggest international rescue operation" for

Meanwhile, in Bursa's Nilüfer city, a project entitled "smile
and make smile" was initiated, such that Goldens will only
be given to families whose homes have gardens.

Image result for 1 yılda 158 köpek götürdüler

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