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Engaged to be (Unhappily) Married

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(Millyet Newspaper, 20 May 2016)

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Rocks now, instead of the marital rolling pin.

In Fethiye district of Muğla province, an engaged couple who
came for a holiday, drove their rented car over a cliff. Both Özlem
A. and Yılmaz D. emerged alive but Özlem attacked her fiancé with
rocks (!).

After visiting relatives, the couple began arguing in the car, which
Özlem was driving.  Near Fethiye's Aksazlar village the car went
over a cliff and rolled down 7 meters before being stopped by a
tree.  Rescue workers were able to retrieve the couple.

However, Özlem blamed the accident on Yılmaz and began to hurl
rocks at him.  With some difficulty, police restrained the couple.
Özlem explained that "we came from Germany and we've been here
on holiday for a week.  All week we've been arguing so I was very
tense.  I was driving and my fiancé was sitting next to me. We
argued and he said 'if we're going to die we'll die together' and he
grabbed the wheel and steered toward the cliff. I don't remember
anything after that."

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 20 May 2016)

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Mehmet promises: "We'll sort it all out after we get married."

In Bağcılar, Istanbul, the night before last at about 20:30 hours,
Keziban A. (34) was attacked while she walked on the street alone.
The attacker, who was wearing a black 'çarşaf' (garment that pious
women wear to cloak themselves from head to toe), came at Keziban
from her rear and stabbed her in the back.

As Keziban was taken to the hospital, police began searching for
her attacker, who had fled.  After looking at surveillance camera footage,
police determined that the attacker was Mehmet I. (38), Keziban's
fiancé (!).  Shortly afterwards, Mehmet I. was taken into custody.
In his statement, Mehmet explained that he donned the 'çarşaf' and
followed his fiancé Keziban and stabbed her because he suspected
she was cheating on him.

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        Bağcılar district, Istanbul

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