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'Citizen Kazım' - One Man Against 'The System'

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 15 September 2016)

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Delal opines from his well-appointed office.

'Citizen Kazım', otherwise known as Kazım Delal (72), lives in Rize.
Ten years ago Delal filed suit against the Environment and Cities
Ministry which had ruled in favor of the 9-megawatt Ambarlık
Regulator and /Hydroelectric Power Plant (HES) project.  The
project was to be built in Küçükçayır village in the Salarha Valley,
where the fresh water facility that provides 300,000 people in Rize
and 10 districts with drinking water is located.

Over the course of his ten year quest, Delal has sold his cow and
taken out bank credit to pay for expert witnesses to provide
evidence against the HES power plant project.  All together, Delal
has filed 15 suits against power stations, mines and rock quarries
in Rize.

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Another 'citizen', of a rather different stripe.

Each day Delal examines the lawsuit files at a desk in front of
his home in the village and prepares his defense against the claims
of the companies.  The stream that runs through Küçükçayır village
is Rize's fresh water source and he continues to battle the firms
that want to construct a HES hydro-electric power station here.

Delal declared that "my lifetime probably won't be enough to
get this done but I'll do my best to chase them out of here. The
HES companies ought to leave us alone.  This water is the peoples'
drinking water. A HES will not be built here."

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The Ambarlık HES project in question is located
about 100 kilometers south of Rize city.


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