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New Bridge, Fatal 'Selfie'

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 31 August 2016)

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             Say 'cheese'!. Uh, say 'ouch'...

An accident occurred on Istanbul's brand new 8-lane Yavuz Sultan
Selim Bridge early in the morning on 30 August.  Workers
finishing up work on the bridge reported that the accident was
the result of a 'selfie'.

Tractor-trailer driver Mustafa Demir and his son Ahmet were
riding in their truck, license plate number 06 CHA 47, from
the Anatolian to the European side of the bridge. The Demir's
decided to pull over to the side to take a keepsake 'selfie' of
themselves and the new bridge.

Everybody's doing it. The famous and the infamous...

At this time, though, another truck driven by Şafak T., license
plate number 34 EP 3645, crashed into the Demir's truck, pinning
Mustafa Demir between his truck and the bridge guardrail.  Son
Ahmet Demir was able to get out of the way in time but was
slightly injured.

The police and tow trucks arrived soon to clear up the debris
and all traffic from Anatolia to Europe was stopped for two

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New bridge is between Garipce and Poyrazköy.

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