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'Truck Bomb' Practically Defused

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 25 September 2016)

Kasasında bomba yazan kamyon paniğe yol açtı
Terrorists are nuts but they don't advertise...right?

When citizens saw the word 'bomba' (bomb) written on
the back of a truck driving on the TEM highway in
Ümraniye, Istanbul, they called the police.  As the truck,
with plate number 35 GC 7735, continued along the D-100
road, police from the Maltepe precinct intercepted it.

Police had driver Mustafa Kabak get out of the truck and
open up the back door.  Nothing of a criminal nature was found.
Kabak explained that the truck's previous owner had painted
the word 'bomba' on the truck.  He was told by police to cover
the word and after doing so he was allowed to continue on his

//ed.note: interestingly (or perhaps not) the driver's name lends
itself to the situation via the proverb 'kabak başına patladı'  -he
was 'left holding the bag' after the other owner wrote 'bomb' on
the truck.//

Kasasında bomba yazan kamyon paniğe yol açtı
      Ultimately, an elegant solution is found.

Image result for ümraniye tem haritası
           Ümraniye district of Istanbul

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