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The Stuff of Spy Novels

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 6 September 2016)

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Coup mastermind Fethullah Gülen.

With regard to the foreign ties related to the 15 July FETÖ
coup attempt, the U.S. and Israel are at the forefront.  In the
comprehensive indictment, the names of the countries and
intelligence organizations are clearly given and the guidance
of agents by the U.S. and Israel is especially noteworthy.

The details of a secret agreement that FETÖ made with a
lobbying firm called G+ (Europe), based in Brussels, Belgium,
reveal the relations between Graham Fuller, a former CIA deputy
chief and a consultant at the U.S.'s biggest think-tank Rand
Corporation, and coup mastermind Fethullah Gülen.

The indictment states that "The Fetullah Gülen organization
was directed according to information and targets provided by,
MOSSAD, with CIA support and under the control of the U.S.
In consequence, the state and political leadership were targetted
and the plan was implemented."

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Lead prosecutor hot on the trail.

The indictment stressed that FETÖ's cooperation and agent
activity were the result of a 'walk-in' (volunteer) to the CIA.
The reasons for this were Turkey's opposition to U.S. military
action against Iran and the U.S.'s loss of control of Iran's oil
money, which worried both the U.S. and FETÖ.

Another noteworthy portion of the indictment reads as follows:
"(the late) Cemal Uşşak, deputy chief  of the Journalists and
Writers Association and FETÖ spokesman, met at an Istanbul
restaurant with German BND rep Edward Ehrenheim and his
deputy Jörg Bşrkenbeul on 15 January 2014.  At this meeting,
suspect Uşşak told his counterparts about Turkey's political
and economic situation."

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         Confidential discussions

"Ehrenheim asked Uşşak about the 17 December 2013 operation,
whether MİT (Turkish National Intelligence Organization) or
the police had organized aid from Turkey to Syria and what
would likely happen after elections in Turkey.  The parties
talked about the (Gülen) schools, the democratization process,
the parallel state, the deep state, IHH Chief Bülent Yıldırım
('Mavi Marmara'/Gaza/Israel incident), and the Fetullah Gülen

"Bülent Yıldırım was in close contact with the Israeli consulate
in Istanbul and FETÖ's relations with foreign intelligence
services has been established and for whom FETÖ served."

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              Muscle at the ready.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 6 September 2016)

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      Red earth shipped to the promised land.

The Incirlik Air Base,  a symbol of Turkish-American relations,
has been made the subject of a novel. Writer Çetin Yiyenoğlu
has written a fantastical 350-page book, based in part on documents
about the base's history and events.  In the book, Yiyenoğlu writes
that 'fertile' red earth excavated during Incirlik's construction was
shipped to Israel.

As the base was being built in the 1950's, Israel was also in a
developing mode.  The red earth from the deep excavations made
to harbor weapons was put into containers and supposedly shipped to
Israel.  The book also makes reference to the U-2 incident, which
involved a U.S. spy plane that took off from Incirlik and was shot
down over Russia.  Previously unknown secret agreements that were
revealed in Wikileaks are also referenced, in regard to the U-2

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