22 Eylül 2016 Perşembe

Thief's Video Fails to Impress

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 22 September 2016)

Image result for burdur aşkım zengin oldum m.e.a.
Hoodwinker and video star M.Ê.A.  As can been seen, he has
the remarkable ability to blur his own face and steal with stealth. 

In Burdur, M.E.A., pretending to be a policeman, hoodwinked an
65 year-old elderly (!) citizen into handing some money over to him.
But as M.E.A. took the money on Cumhurriyet Avenue the real police,
acting on a tip, caught him red-handed and returned the money to
the citizen.

video when guys show off to their girlfriends, bad things happen.

M.E.A. was jailed and in the course of the ensuing investigation a
video was found, in which M.E.A. posed with all the money and
jewels he had stolen.  In the video M.E.A. announces to his girlfriend
"My love, See! I'm rich!"

Image result for burdur haritası
                   Burdur province

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