28 Eylül 2016 Çarşamba

Seeking Forgiveness, But in Vain

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(MilliHavadis Website, 26 September 2016)

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The rare Turk who tries persuasion without a pump-action rifle.

In Karabük, Esengül Yalçin, the mother of two children, left
home because of family problems.  Her husband Nevzat Yalçın
pleaded with her to return but all for nought.  In desperation,
Nevzat stood in front of Esengül's beauty shop on Gazipaşa
Avenue in the Bayır neighborhood with a sign that read
"Won't you please open the gates to your heart for me once
again, Esen?"

As the hours went by Nevzat explained to curious citizens that
"she's a little mad at me. But I think she'll forgive me and come
back home to our two kids."  However, after waiting for hours
and not receiving his hoped-for response from Esengül, Nevzat
had not choice but to abandon his plea.

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