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Reliever Gets Lesson in U.S. Baseball

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(Hürriyet Daily News, 20 September 2016)

           Couldn't last into the late innings...

A Turkish businessman who was living in New York has died 
after he was attacked with a baseball bat during a brawl 
that erupted over his decision to relieve himself on private 

Kayhan Som, 56, told his driver to pull over due to his need
to use the bathroom while he was heading from Manhattan 
to Whitestone neighborhood last week.

Som relieved himself in the garden of a house which was five
minutes away from his own residence. The householder 
discovered Som relieving himself, precipitating a confrontation
between the two. Locals nearby managed to break up the fight,
but Som returned after seeing traces from the altercation on his
face. The householder subsequently struck Som in the head with
a baseball bat.

Som succumbed to his injuries after spending a week in a coma
at Queens Memorial Hospital and was laid to rest in New York on 
September 13th. Meanwhile, the murder suspect was released 
on bail pending trial.

The son of a former pharmaceutical magnate, Som had been 
living in the United States for about 30 years. The businessman 
was married and had one child. Som was also known for his 
benevolence and colorful personality.

Image result for whitestone map
Where's Whitestone? Not far from TNT editor's boyhood 
home of Bayside, Queens, NYC.

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