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Holy Manhood!

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 17 September 2016)

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       Sure, I'll take sex advice from this guy...

Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü, aka 'Cübbeli Ahmet', offered his defense
in court in Bakırköy, Istanbul, in response to charges that his
book 'Şifa Ayetleri' (Health Verses of the Koran) denigrates religious

In his defense Ünlü stated that an individual named Maül Ayneyn,
who lived about 100 years ago, wrote a book entitled "Fatıkur Ratk
Ala Ratikl Fetk" (!) in which the author cited various verses from
the Koran that promote good health for various organs of the body.

Unlü explained that "the book mentioned in the indictment, 'Şifa
Ayetleri' is a translation of the book referred to above.  The text
of Ayneyn's book was translated verbatim.  My book is not a
compilation but rather a strict translation without any comment.
Given my current position and status there is no way that I could
knowingly denigrate religious values. I want an aquittal."

Some samples from 'Şifa Ayetleri':

"1. In the 260th ayet of the Bakara sura there is mention of water.
Sprinkle some water on the 'tenasül uzvu' (organ of procreation)
and drink the remainder of the water.

2. In order to rectify the weakness of the 'tenasül uzvu', read
the El-Adiyat sura and blow.

3.  Mention Allah's name Kayyum and blow on the organ.

4.  One who continually reads the seven sacred names 100
times morning and evening will never suffer from impotence
and will be quite potent until he dies.  In other words, no one
will complain about his potency."

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               The resemblance is uncanny.

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